Monday, January 5, 2009

Watcha wanna know?

In my quest to be a better blogger, I have decided that once a week I will be devoting a post to stuff you as my readers actually might (or might not) want to know. I do realize that I can be wordy, and sometimes you're just here for the pictures, but I have been told that I am actually a pretty good writer and I used to have a personal blog that I loved to just write random stuff on. I don't have time for an entire blog devoted to that anymore, but I want to incorporate some more of my life into this lil photo blog! So, here's your charge, loyal stalkers. Email me a question. It can be any question, be it photography related, random stuff you've always wondered about the Vickers family, questions about how I run my business, what I had for breakfast or really anything. Just please keep it clean and kind. Once a week I will select a question and answer it. I am hoping to get 52 questions so I can answer one a week. If I don't, you will be subject to my utterly random ramblings about anything I deem fit. Be afraid, be very afraid. So don't subject the next reader to that, help them out and email me a good one!

I'll start on Wednesday.

Oh, and guess who's starting to get up on all fours?

Please excuse the boogie in his nose in this one. He's been a sick guy and I am too lazy tonight to Photoshop it.
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Yep. I am in for it now.


stacey said...

I'm such a dork. Just seeing him on all fours has me crying, not to mention those gorgeous baby blues of his. I miss you guys!

Chocaholic said...

Love seeing the little man crawling! He's adorable!

Okay, my question....Are you done having kids? ;-)

Terra said...

Yay Little G! Thinking of a question.

henibiphotography said...

OMG I LOVE HIS HAIR!! aww time is flying...I cant' believe is it time for crawling!!

Anonymous said...

That little man is the light of my life! Okay, so my question- I may actually know some of the answers, but that is because I am too cool :): Who do the boys resemble? Any good parenting tips on balancing life/ work/ marriage? Who is the best aunt ever? Do you do weddings? Okay, so I gave you a few to keep you busy for a few weeks!

Heather said...

I can't believe how big he is getting. Crawling already and still cute as ever. I love the hair!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! So cute!!!

Heidi B said...

He is so cute. Bailey has started crawling as well, watch out when he really starts to go.