Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My huckleberry friend. My Huckleberry {finn}

This weekend we had a special birthday in our house. Our funny man, my snugglebunny, Finn, turned 4.
web1 I did good. I didn't cry. Too much. I just can't believe how big he is! This child is the most witty, humorous little 4 year old I have ever met. He just cracks me up on a constant basis.
web2 He is sweet and compassionate. Not only does he charm adults, but he is a kid charmer as well. Every time we visit big brother's school, you would think I rolled in with Justin Bieber. The girls all line up for a Finn hug, and even the boys have to get in a high five. He even has one of the secretaries trained to immediately fetch him a lollipop when we walk through the door. {shout out Kim, he loves ya!}
web3 web7 web8 He loves music, everything from Raffi to Aerosmith. He loves to dance and shake his long surfer hair.
web9 While his brother was always pretty independant, and will only come in for a hug or kiss when begged, Finn seems to know when someone needs a cuddle. Despite the fact that he's close to half my weight, he still coerces me into carrying him WAY more than he needs to be. Its because I know that when I pick him up, he's going to wrap his arms around my neck and gently pat me on the back. It's like crack to this mommy's soul. And hey, I don't go to the gym so I might as well keep my arms toned, right?!?!
web4 web5 web6 For his pictures, he wanted to go to his school. He LOVES school, which I am so happy about, because after a not so great summer camp experience I was a little worried that he would not ever leave my side. He's got a couple little guys that he loves to hang with, and he's definitely into the social aspect of things!
web11 web10 I am so lucky and blessed that he's mine. And so thankful for the past four years with my Finn.