Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sneak peek: A wedding

Just a few (thousand) of my favorites from the wedding I did Saturday. If you were involved in this, I will have more of these for you to view soon. I am leaving out most of the formals until then. "C" will let you know how to view them when they are ready! Ok, hold's gonna be a Loooooonnnnnngggggg ride. Congrats to the happy couple!!!
Oh, try to ignore the different watermarks. I was playing around to get what I liked...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sneak Peek: Newborn "J"

Baby "J" is here. I did mom's maternity a few months ago and was just tickled (blue) to see this little guy! Here's just a few...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just my "big boy"

Had a little photo session with my G today to celebrate the arrival of a lens I thought had been lost in the mail (I was having a kiniption)! I think he's officially entered "little boy" stage. I can only see traces of the baby left. Sigh.

Friday, May 18, 2007

School's out for summer!

Well, almost! But in celebration of the impending lazy days, I am proud to announce my summer special. Keep reading, especially if you have older children, because it includes the words HALF OFF.
I know many of you with kids in the older age set may not feel the need to have professional portraits done. Here's how it all goes down. You have a baby, it's cute and tiny and you want to remember every single second. That first year, you take 400,000 pictures, and also sign up for some kind of baby package with a photographer. Your house becomes a shrine.
Then little junior grows up a bit and you might get the yearly obligatory portraits made to send off to Grandma. By the time baby enters kindergarten, you are assaulted wuth picture offers. The school portrait, the sports portrait, dance class pictures, and the list goes on and on. Why would you want to book yet another portrait session? You have pictures.
Here's why. The pride of a first smile with adult teeth poking through. The way she scrunches up her nose when she laughs. That little boy confidence that is soon going to be replaced by teenage woes. A cute little outfit that by next year, she won't be caught dead in. A gigantic bear hug (the kind seven year old's are best at) caught on film. The fact that in only a few short years, he'll be off to college. The way your little girl changed into a pre-teen since just last Wednesday. This is it. That's why. Even the best sports photographer can't capture all of that. It's not what they're there to do.
So, for the summer months of June and July, I wll be celebrating big kids. This special applies to kids over four (and any younger siblings included in the session). I have sessions waiting to be booked now, and when you do, you will recieve HALF off the regular session fee of $50. You will also recieve a 15% discount on all orders from your session. Oh, and just a little insider knowledge, my session fee will probably go up a bit after August, so TAKE ADVANTAGE!
I am absolutely still booking sessions for younger kids as well, and because I love them too, all sessions booked for kids under four in the months of June and July will recieve a 10% discount on orders. These discounts will be applied ON TOP of any other volume discount you may qualify for, based on my current pricing.
Please email me at to book your sessions today. Limited spaces are available, and I already have a few sessions booked into July.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random News

Well, we have had the first business "scare". Yesterday, I was busily proofing some photos when my little guy woke up from naptime. I casually set my laptop on our recliner (dumb) and went up to get him. Now, when my child wakes up, he's ready to drink the Nile, so it is totally ingrained in me to go get him water. I put him down an went into the kitchen. I heard him say "chair, up" and 3 seconds later CRASH. Yep. The laptop. He tried to climb up in the recliner and it suffered a fall. I felt my heart go into convulsions as I have 2-3 sessions on there that were not backed up onto disks yet.
After a trip to circuit city today, we have determined that the charger "thingamajiger" is busted. Thankfully, the hard drive is fine and they will be able to "migrate the data" to a new computer. So, I am now on the desktop (with no pictures) until they can get that done. Sigh.
One good thing may come out of this. The new toy I am getting will now have a DVD burner, so I may again be offering DVD slideshows of sessions. Bonus for you.
Those of you who have not officially placed orders yet, your prints may take an additional week to arrive after your order is placed, because it will take a few days to migrate the data (I love saying that) onto the new hard drive. Your images are NOT lost though, and all orders will be rush shipped once I get everything back.
Bear with me. Lesson learned. I'll be posting my summer special tomorrow, since I can't get much else done right now!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

19 month old cutie!

Stay tuned in the next several days for my June special announcement ( I am doing it early as I am already booking into June).

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Little man "S"

Here's some from a very recent session. This family was a blast. Aunt J called one day to see if I could work them in the next day for her nephew. Well, we all know I will do just about anything for a newborn session...I want them fresh! Time was of the essence! And I am so glad I was able to work it out. Big sister "A" was very proud of the new little guy. He even cracked me a little smile!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Photo purists, avert your gaze.

The following pictures are tilted, and funky and edited in ways that many won't like. I kinda do but I have a strange sense of "artsy"!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Put on your sunglasses!

WARNING: Bright colors ahead!!!!!!

The "G family" and I headed out to the beach last weekend and had some fun getting dirty in the sand! Really. I think I had sand everywhere! Little miss "J" was dancing up a storm and too too cute. Enjoy your little preview R and S, your galleries will be up by the end of the weekend!

Ok, I am done, I swear....after this....