Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby fever.

If you didn't have it already, you will now. Little "E" was a dream for me last week. She slept, and smiled and didn't cry until I tried to take her outside. In all fairness to her, it was about 62* out that morning, and FL babies generally don't like that kind of frigid weather. (Yes, I know everyone north of Tallahassee just rolled their eyes).

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Oh that dimple! I photographed E's big brother and sister about 3 years ago, and her brother has dimples like this too!
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

Easter's on it's way...
and I found the cutest bunny ever.
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I'm just sayin'

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mama mia!

Who just started singing? ;)

My oldest used to sing that song repeatedly when he was about 2 1/2. We even tried to have him watch the movie, and he made it through a bit of it, but when it wasn't the "ama mi-a" song repeatedly he decided it wasn't worth it and he'd go back to the cd. I love that memory. I remember how big I thought he was. Now I look back 2 years later at pictures I snapped both in my head and on my camera and I hope I will remember it all when he's 40! There's something about the curve of his eyelashes, the smell of his hair after a bath, and the sweet way he still pronounces the letter "l" like it's a "w" that I just want to bottle up and keep in a break proof vial around my neck so I can open it and breathe in memories any time. Just to think that it seems like yesterday that his little voice chimed out "ama mi-a, here we go again. ma ma, how can i resist-cha!" I know the next few years will fly by even faster. Can you tell I am a bit sentimental tonight? And it's not even his birthday. You thought you had another 4 months before a sappy post about my firstborn!

Anyway, I am really off track. I came on here to announce the openings for my newest mini sessions. The mother's day minis. I have two tiers of sessions this time, which are detailed below. Moms. Listen closely. Forward the link to this blog to your spouse. Tell him you've made mother's day super easy this year and he doesn't have to spend hours wandering the mall debating between New Moon on DVD or an outfit in what he's pretty sure is your size. Tell him you want one of these. Or, if you do it like we do in my house, book your own session and then tell him mother's day is covered and he's off the hook ;)

These would also make a great gift for your own mom, or another special mom in your life. When: Friday May 7th from 4-7 pm and Saturday May 8th from 9-12 noon. Sessions will be booked first come, first served. Also, a little incentive, book by this Friday, March 26 and get a 10% discount off the session fee. or 813.352.4479
For: Any type of session. Some ideas~ mommy and me, family, just the kiddos, 3 generation (mom, grandma and kiddos), daddy and the kids as a gift for mom, maternity.
Session options: Option 1~$125 includes a 20 minute mini session for up to 5 people. At least 8 proofs in an online gallery for viewing. 1 8x10 and 2 5x7 prints ($100 value). 25% off additional prints and products on my price list.Option 2~$250 includes everything above *plus* your choice of one of the following photo jewelry products with an image from your mini session. These products are high quality, gorgeous, and retail starting at around $200, so this is an amazing bargain!
Other info: most of the jewelry does come with the option to add a second tile or a second photo on the reverse for an additional $50. You may decide this after viewing the images. Jewelry is handcrafted and will arrive approximately 6 weeks after order is finalized.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some faves

From my recent mini sessions. I have more to share but thought I'd get these cute brother/sister duo's up first! To all my mini session participants, your galleries will be ready for viewing tomorrow sometime. To everyone else, check back on the blog tomorrow as I am announcing the openings for my special mother's day minis then! I have a new product line that will be a part of the mother's day minis that every mommy will LOVE. :)

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I am completely in love with the freckles on this child!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here they are!

Oh boy ladies did you make this difficult. I do have to say I am quite glad I did not have to judge these, thank you so much to my three photographer friends who did it for me! I am not going to bore you too long with details, but I do want to say that they hd such a hard time that I added a few prizes. So, there are 2 grand prize, 2 runner ups and 3 honorable mention. You all did a fantastic job.

Grand prize 1 (free session) goes to Marissa. Seriously, when I opened this in my email I melted, and the judges were just giddy with this. You have a very natural talent Marissa and I hope you keep learning and growing. I honestly at first thought this was one of my pro friends trying to be funny and enter. What they loved: the closeness to the baby, and the depth of field, plus the very natural expression you captured!


I did a little Q&A with the entrants and here are Marissa's responses.
1. What were a few of the techniques you applied from the class while taking this shot?
I shot using Aperture priority in attempt to blur the background; She's playing "peek-a-boo" because she was looking for the 'fishy" hidden in my camera while I was dancing around like a fool :) ; I got down on her level; got really close so I could fill the frame and avoid background disturbances; caught her in her environment (chair in her room).
2. What were the lighting conditions?
I was next to a window, sunny day, blinds open, and used a flash.
3. What camera are you using?
Nikon D90
4. Have you ever had any additional photography training? (side note here, this will not eliminate you, but there will a couple that were VERY good so they are just wondering)
At the time of the class, I had also just started a continuing education beginners photography course at USF.

Grand prize 2 (another free session) goes to Alyson.
What the judges loved: How you filled the frame with her face, and the angle. Great even lighting and pretty catchlights and expression on her face.
Here's Alyson's answers...

1. What were a few of the techniques you applied from the class while taking this shot? I got down on her her level, tried to fill the frame the best I could while applying the rule of thirds. I also tilted the camera slightly to add a little more interest to the photo.
2. What were the lighting conditions? The pic was taken mid morning on a very bright sunny day so I took her on the shaded side of the house.
3. What camera are you using? Nikon D90
4. Have you ever had any additional photography training? (side note here, this will not eliminate you, but there will a couple that were VERY good so they are just wondering) I'm currently in a beginning photography class.

Runner up 1 (credit for a 16x20 print from a session with me) is Janice.
What the judges loved: Great even lighting and catchlights. Good position and proximity near baby, and great focus on the face.

Runner up 2 (credit for 16x20 print from session with me) is Lisa.
What the judges loved: Can literally hear the giggles on this one! Wonderful capture of personality.

Honorable mentions 1,2,3 (credit for 11x14 from a session with me) Stacy, Rebecca and Becky



Thanks to everyone who entered. Please email me to redeem your prizes! I had a great time hearing from each of you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Announcements, announcements!

Yes, this post will (unfortunately for you) be mostly me rambling. But, some of you will really want this info, so you'll grin and bear it, right?!?!
I promise I'll put some pics at the end of a cute little one year old to make up for it.
Ok, first I want to thank all the moms who joined me for the becoming a mamarazzi workshop hosted by the mommyista. I had a great time and I received a lot of positive feedback. It was great to see so many mama's excited about taking better pictures of their little ones. I am now offering this workshop to moms groups and other groups, so if you are interested in setting one up for your organization, playgroup, PTA, or any other group please call or email me.
For those who attended the mommyista event last week, here's all the info you need to know to win a free session with me!
Submit one full color, unedited and unretouched photograph you have taken in the past week (since the workshop) to me at . It must be of your child, aged 0-18 years. If you haven't taken any yet, get crackin' on the techniques we discussed and you have until this Sunday night (March 7) at midnight to submit your entry. I will be submitting all photos to the judges Monday morning. Photos will be judged by a group of photographers from across the country, who will be looking for correct implementation of the tips you learned in the workshop. It's not a "cutest kid" contest. Everyone has cute kids! This is about applying what you learned. The judges will select a grand prize winner (free session) a runner up (credit for 16x20 print from a session with me) and three honorable mention (credit for an 11x14 print from a session with me). Because I do have friends and clients who attended this workshop, I will not be involved in the judging process in any way to keep it absolutely fair. The 5 winners will be announced and featured on my blog next Wednesday, March 10. Aaaaaannnnnnd....GO!

In other news, I still have openings in my girlfriends mini sessions this coming Sunday. I did have a question as to if I was allowing boys in on the sessions, and YES! If you have a little guy and you want to do a buddy session with him and his guys, feel free. Or maybe his best friend is a girl! That's ok too (my little G has mostly girl friends also). Please call or email me as soon as possible to book your spot for this fun event. I have gotten so many emails about what fun it would be. I promise it will be!

And, because I promised not to leave you with no cuties to adore. Here's 1 year old Mr. B. He is a DOLL! That pouty lip melted me!
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