Thursday, February 25, 2010

For one of our troops.

Baby "G" is about to be ONE. Her daddy is currently overseas serving our country, as so many daddies are right now. So mommy wanted to make sure she got some great pics of this daddy's girl to send to him. Seriously, this was the very first frame I snapped, and after that I knew it was going to be a great session.
001 copyweb

I mean, how can you not love this little face?
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She's learning all sorts of new stuff, like how to stand up all by herself, and she loved clapping for me.
029 copyweb

Now this little series, I totally heart. I have to explain. Before Daddy left, he went to build a bear and made a bear for "G" that plays his voice saying "I love you". When Grandma got it out of the bag and "G" heard har daddy's voice, she seriously just lit up. It was enough to make this particular softie quite misty eyed.


Love this one too, she looks like she's thinking "bring on the cake". My kind of kid. :)
097 copyWEB

Daddy, I hope you get a chance to see these, and know that a very special little (almost) one year old loves you and misses you bunches.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What's better than one blue eyed, curly headed cutie?

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Another one!
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Yep. Identical twins "A and A" had me over for tea, bed jumping, and (a new one for me) crib swinging...
132 copyweb

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and, if it that wasn't fun and cute enough, they also have another little "A" in the house!
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Admittedly, she was not so sure about me at first. But she seemed to warm up fine when she got into Daddy's arms.
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"L" fam, hope you enjoyed your little peek. Your gallery should be active by the end of the week, so just close your eyes and hold tight...
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Well, ok, you can come back and peek a little more if you need to.
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

mes filles, mein madchen, le mie regazze, mis chicas, mina flickor

Any way you wanna say it, these are my girls. I hope that each of you readers is lucky enough to have friends like this in your life. These are the ladies that are with me through thick and thin. They support me unequivocally (even when I might be *gulp* wrong) and let me down gently when they need to. They can tell it like it is one minute and be right back to joking the next. I love their kids like they are my own neices and nephews. They are there day or night and I know that if I needed to call, even at 4 am (sorry Lindsey) they would be right outta bed to help me.
Our friendship is fun and funny, there when you need it (and even when you think you don't). I have had more laughs, heart to hearts and good girl cries with these ladies than I can even begin to count. I would feel blessed if I even had one good friend like this, and I have four.
Recently, we decided that we needed a little photo shoot. Just for fun, and just for us. I keep joking that I am going to blow one of the images up huge and hang it up above my bed. :) We had such a blast. We went to the open air laundromat that my pal Kristie Serra told me about (she's another photographer who hails from Tampa but has recently moved to Seattle) and just ran around giggling like little kids. There was a guy sitting there on his phone the whole time and I can only imagine what he was telling his buddies "uuuuummmm. yeah. I am at the laundromat and there are a bunch of 20-something women here trying to do some kind of sex in the city photoshoot...."
Well, we had such a blast that I decided that every group of friends needed to do this as well. So, lucky you. I am proud to announce my "girlfriends" mini sessions! Maybe you have one good friend, maybe you have 10. Either way, get them all together for a fun time ALL ABOUT YOU! Or, maybe you haven't been blessed with friends like this who live close enough, but your daughter has. That's great! There's no age limit. 2 year olds, 12 year olds, and 30 year olds alike deserve to celebrate and remember the time with your girls.
March 7th, 2010
9 am-11:30 am and 1:30-3:30 pm at really fun locations in the south Tampa area.
Sessions will be 20 minutes long, and will fill on a first come, first serve basis.
$35 per person. Includes session, processing of images in my digital darkroom, online viewing for 1 week and 1 5x7 print. Additional prints and products can be purchased for 25% off my regular pricelist.
$35(plus tax is $37.45) required at booking to hold your spot, will be applied as the session fee for the person who books the session.So, grab your girls, some kickin' heels and a new outfit and call or email me today to hold your spot for this very special event.





Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pairing with some of the hippest mamas I know!

We’ve all been there. Your child comes home from preschool on tuesday with a note saying that she needs a picture of everyone in the family for sharing time on friday. PANIC! You don’t have any decent shots of your kids on the camera and the last professional pictures you had taken were of your preschooler at 18 months old. There’s no time for that now! What do you do? Come join me andthe mommyista, next Wednesday, February 24th for a crash course of picture taking 101. During the evening, I’ll share hints and advice that the pros know to help you take better pictures in between professional sittings. You can achieve better pictures just by changing the way you think about pressing that shutter button, no fancy schmancy camera needed! I’ll also include a guide to choosing the right professional photographer for your family. As an added bonus, I’ll take the fee for this event and apply it toward a session in the future if you’d like to book with me. I’ll also be holding a contest in the week following to win a free session by applying the techniques you learn in the course. So, head on over and register for this event. It's $15 if you register in advance and $17 at the door. For a night out of the house at a place where there's wine and some cool tips, that's a steal!!!