Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pairing with some of the hippest mamas I know!

We’ve all been there. Your child comes home from preschool on tuesday with a note saying that she needs a picture of everyone in the family for sharing time on friday. PANIC! You don’t have any decent shots of your kids on the camera and the last professional pictures you had taken were of your preschooler at 18 months old. There’s no time for that now! What do you do? Come join me andthe mommyista, next Wednesday, February 24th for a crash course of picture taking 101. During the evening, I’ll share hints and advice that the pros know to help you take better pictures in between professional sittings. You can achieve better pictures just by changing the way you think about pressing that shutter button, no fancy schmancy camera needed! I’ll also include a guide to choosing the right professional photographer for your family. As an added bonus, I’ll take the fee for this event and apply it toward a session in the future if you’d like to book with me. I’ll also be holding a contest in the week following to win a free session by applying the techniques you learn in the course. So, head on over and register for this event. It's $15 if you register in advance and $17 at the door. For a night out of the house at a place where there's wine and some cool tips, that's a steal!!!

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