Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet, sweet baby.

This little guy was 4 weeks old when we did our session, or at least that's what his mom claimed. I am not 100% convinced, though, since he slept better than some of my 5 day olds! What a doll and a joy to photograph. It was great because mom and dad were super calm and laid back. There was even one point when they all just went downstairs to eat lunch and left me and little "M" alone to work. Perfect! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

I have an image similar to this of my boys on a canvas in my house. It's one of my favorite things, and if the house burned I would have to go back to get it!
037 copyweb

I want to share this one, obviously he's not the newborn, but he was a perfect model nonetheless!

077 copyweb


111 copyweb

113 copyweb


This may be one of my favorite images ever. When I took this, I couldn't help but see it as a very artsy, textured image. I usually try to throw in one textured piece into each gallery, because I think it really can add to an image!

152 copyweb

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Q & A week 8

Hi all! I am busy busy busy trying to catch up with a lot of stuff, however I want to keep popping in on the blog! This weeks question is an easy one from one of my fantastic clients, "L".

Since you photograph mainly children, do you have a photo of you as a child that is your favorite? I do have one favorite that comes to mind, but it's hanging in my parents house and I don't have access to it right now (nor do I have a scanner) soooooo, another will have to do...

I took, oh I dunno, maybe 10 years total of piano lessons as a child. I still can't play for anything, but I do love the piano, and I always have. This is one of my faves....


And here's my SP for this week. Actually, it's more than one, but Fin was such a good little man for me this morning I couldn't choose just one....

SP 8/52

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun x3

I think besides newborns, photographing sibling relationships is one of my favorite parts of my job. So I was very glad that these boys were having fun together during our session. Even though they claimed it was NOT fun, I think the pictures say otherwise. Dad was stuck at work, but Mom and Grandma got in on the action. I love photgraphing moms with their boys, it always reminds me that I need to get more pics of myself with my guys. Boys love their mommies, and I love capturing that bond! Thanks for a fun session guys!



LOVE this one of Grandma and the boys.

I couldn't get over how this little cutie reached up and touched big brother's face! It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.




Monday, February 23, 2009


Recent Preggo momma. Had her adorable baby boy. I am pretty sure she should keep having kids, they're so so cute. He was a fantastic sleeper for me. I don't think I even got to see his eyes!!! Welcome to the planet "Q"!








Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Mamas

Recently, I put out a call in my newsletter (if you don't get it, sign up in the box to the left) looking for some maternity models. I was wanting to beef up the maternity section of my website, because it seems like I don't get a lot of calls about maternity. I think people have a vision of a maternity photo session going something like this. You go to the studio and they take the obligitory shots of you nude, with your hands anything you wouldn't want in the photo and your belly fully exposed. Now, that is one style, and while it's totally fine; I don't think most people want to actually have images like that hanging, say, in the family room. I wanted to showcase some moms to be having FUN before their babies were born. Doing things that are normal, and producing images that they might actually want to hang in public areas of the house. So, I put out the call for some fun moms to model for me. You'll be seeing a lot of them for the next week or so here on the blog.
Seriously, I know how pregnant moms feel. They feel like they look like a whale. But they don't actually look like a whale to anyone but themselves. They look great! I never thought I'd want maternity shots, but the ones my friend Kristie took of me last year are something I will treasure forever. I can even look back now and say MAN! I was a smoking hot mom!

I'm pretty sure this mama will be able to say that too...

autumn (19)web

autumn (15)web

autumn (11)web

autumn (7)web

autumn (10)web

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have been doing lots of newborns lately. You will never hear me complain about that! ;) I have another scheduled next week for sure and I am really excited to meet him, since he's a friends little man. Anyway, this one I have had waiting in the wings for a while, but I am trying to do a post a day for a week or so to catch up, so I thought I would start with little "A"! She was such a doll for me as well, and as always I would have happily taken her home. Apparently kidnapping is frowned upon..... oh well!



lil texture

I found this fabulous vintage suitcase at an antique store a few weeks ago. *LOVE*


This is something I have been wanting to try for a while and I finally did! I was discussing it with another photog and over the phone while I was in Target one day. I said something to the effect of "so, then you have dad hang the baby and you get ready to shoot...." Yeah. Got a few sideways glances on that one.....


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lil red

I almost never do sneak peeks on the same day as a session, but this little gal just stole my heart this morning and so I just can't help it. She's the prettiest little redhead, and I could have really held her all day and been quite happy. Mom was worried because she's over two weeks old, but she was a perfect sleeper for me today! Welcome to the world, miss G!


These lips were killer...







I also wanted to share a little conversation I had with Grady on our way home after I picked him up.
"Mom, can I watch TV?"
(yes we have a DVD player in the car, and normally, yes, we USE it. Today however I was already on the highway and it was pouring, so I didn't think doing yoga poses to reach behind me and turn the thing on was the best plan)
"Sorry, G. It's raining and I am already on the interstate, I don't want to crash the car."
"Mooooooommmmmmmmm. Puh-leeeeeaaaassseee?"
(s0 I pull out the old standby)
"Oh, well I can't Grady because I am not allowed to turn it on when it could be dangerous. It's against the rules."
He thinks....
"Ok, mom, well if you have to go to jail I can just drive the car home so it will be fine!"


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Q&A week 7

I'm on time! That's a first for the past few weeks for sure. Today I'll address the second part of Nicole's question...

How do you make your clients comfortable during a session? I will be honest, sometimes this is hard to do! People have a preconceived notion that taking pictures is NOT a fun thing to do. I mentioned in the last post that I feel a lot more comfortable with children than with adults. I am naturally very shy, and working in this profession really requires me to step outside my comfort zone. However, I find that just opening up a natural, candid conversation usually helps put people at ease. I try to read how some families react to me giving dierction. Some need it, others are better at just being themselves without much instruction or intervention from me. I do try to let people know that stiff, posed shots are not as much what I am going for in the session as some candid natural stuff right off the bat. There's usually at least one in every crowd that has a hard time just letting loose (which I understand, because I hate being on the other end of the camera myself!) I'll try to joke a little with that person to see if I can get some natural smiles. I'll also play little games "for the kids". It's amazing how mom and dad will react more nautrally when I ask them to simply play with their children and try to forget I am there!

And my SP for this and the Big G! Trying to get him to do this with me was absolutely like pulling teeth, but the resulting shot is an absolute treasure for me. I am hoping little G will be a better participant next week when it's his turn :)


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The epitome of cuteness.

I have known these two little guys for a long time. Mr. "C" and my Grady are the same age, and little "J" is just about a year older than Fin. Their mom is also a spectacular photographer, and well, I can't help but love to photograph other photogs. Its fun for me because I know how often I actually get a family shot including myself (not often!!) so I know how special it is to see yourself interacting with your family! Mom does AMAZING shots of nature. And by amazing I mean take your breath away, leave you totally at a loss for words amazing. Her blog is empty, or I'd direct you there, BUT I think you can view some of her things on flicker Here. I am pretty sure she sells prints of her work, so if you would like her contact info, email me and I will pass it along.
Anyway, here's the B family!

Hanging with mr.

And they dance

C- my hugger

Brother's got soul.

Mom said this is his signature face. Good thing he's not my kid because he'd get whatever he wnted ALL the time!
Ahhhhhhh. Insane cuteness