Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lil red

I almost never do sneak peeks on the same day as a session, but this little gal just stole my heart this morning and so I just can't help it. She's the prettiest little redhead, and I could have really held her all day and been quite happy. Mom was worried because she's over two weeks old, but she was a perfect sleeper for me today! Welcome to the world, miss G!


These lips were killer...







I also wanted to share a little conversation I had with Grady on our way home after I picked him up.
"Mom, can I watch TV?"
(yes we have a DVD player in the car, and normally, yes, we USE it. Today however I was already on the highway and it was pouring, so I didn't think doing yoga poses to reach behind me and turn the thing on was the best plan)
"Sorry, G. It's raining and I am already on the interstate, I don't want to crash the car."
"Mooooooommmmmmmmm. Puh-leeeeeaaaassseee?"
(s0 I pull out the old standby)
"Oh, well I can't Grady because I am not allowed to turn it on when it could be dangerous. It's against the rules."
He thinks....
"Ok, mom, well if you have to go to jail I can just drive the car home so it will be fine!"



Liza said...

sounds like my drives home from school. and what about reaching back to hand them their snacks from the drive thru.

love those pictures, by the way. that baby is adorable.

Stacy - Mae Mae's Creations said...

How sweet! I love baby pictures :D

stacey said...

That little baby makes me want another! She is gorgeous. As for Grady and his idea, I think I just pulled a muscle from laughing so hard.