Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The epitome of cuteness.

I have known these two little guys for a long time. Mr. "C" and my Grady are the same age, and little "J" is just about a year older than Fin. Their mom is also a spectacular photographer, and well, I can't help but love to photograph other photogs. Its fun for me because I know how often I actually get a family shot including myself (not often!!) so I know how special it is to see yourself interacting with your family! Mom does AMAZING shots of nature. And by amazing I mean take your breath away, leave you totally at a loss for words amazing. Her blog is empty, or I'd direct you there, BUT I think you can view some of her things on flicker Here. I am pretty sure she sells prints of her work, so if you would like her contact info, email me and I will pass it along.
Anyway, here's the B family!

Hanging with mr.

And they dance

C- my hugger

Brother's got soul.

Mom said this is his signature face. Good thing he's not my kid because he'd get whatever he wnted ALL the time!
Ahhhhhhh. Insane cuteness

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melissa said...

it's us!!! i love them, courtney. and thank you for the compliment.