Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Mamas

Recently, I put out a call in my newsletter (if you don't get it, sign up in the box to the left) looking for some maternity models. I was wanting to beef up the maternity section of my website, because it seems like I don't get a lot of calls about maternity. I think people have a vision of a maternity photo session going something like this. You go to the studio and they take the obligitory shots of you nude, with your hands anything you wouldn't want in the photo and your belly fully exposed. Now, that is one style, and while it's totally fine; I don't think most people want to actually have images like that hanging, say, in the family room. I wanted to showcase some moms to be having FUN before their babies were born. Doing things that are normal, and producing images that they might actually want to hang in public areas of the house. So, I put out the call for some fun moms to model for me. You'll be seeing a lot of them for the next week or so here on the blog.
Seriously, I know how pregnant moms feel. They feel like they look like a whale. But they don't actually look like a whale to anyone but themselves. They look great! I never thought I'd want maternity shots, but the ones my friend Kristie took of me last year are something I will treasure forever. I can even look back now and say MAN! I was a smoking hot mom!

I'm pretty sure this mama will be able to say that too...

autumn (19)web

autumn (15)web

autumn (11)web

autumn (7)web

autumn (10)web

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stacey said...

She is one gorgeous pregnant mommy! Every time I see maternity shots, I wish I had gotten them done. I can't wait to see some more of your maternity shots! (And yes Courtney, you were an amazingly beautiful pregnant woman!)