Friday, June 10, 2011

Since I'm up...

Ah, lovely insomnia. Hits me every so often, which is no fun because I will fully admit I am someone who needs my eight hours (my husband will gladly attest to this fact). But after laying in bed for an hour and a half, I figured I might as well just get something done. I've been wanting to share some images from this gorgeous wedding for a while now. So if anyone else is up at 4 am, at least you'll have something fun to do. Or if you're reading this at a more reasonable hour, bring me coffee. I probably need it. ;) On a side note, if you know anyone getting married this fall or winter I would LOVE a referral for their wedding. You'll earn a $100 credit on your account with me and I will give the couple 10% off their package!
These are in no particular order, because even though I'm up I am not saying I am all here...

BG 15

1 48 copy

BG 19

BG 22

1 40 copy

1 62 copy

2 5

2 12

2 19

This last one is my favorite. I'm kind of a sucker for flower girls.

1 40a copy

Congrats Michael and Jennifer on your beautiful day. It was a pleasure.