Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy birthday Fin!

I can't believe a year ago today I was holding my sweet little man for the first time. What a huge blessing he has been in our life! He's my cuddle-bug, my easy baby. He's very observant and has an old soul about him, however he's also a bit of a daredevil. He loves to have fun, loves to laugh, and rarely ever gets too upset. I remember the priest at his baptism watched Griffin just sitting still, taking it all in and commented that he was going to be a philosopher.
It's amazing because when you have a second (or more, I'd imagine) child first you worry that you won't be able to love them the same as your first. Then you realize that you DO love them just as much, but not in the same way at all. I feel like I have known Fin forever (ok, I know I have known him forever). With Grady it was all about learning what made him tick, and that made me close to him. But with Fin there was not that learning period. I just knew him. I don't think it was just because I was a 2nd time mom either. It's just different with him. Easy. I like to think that Grady is my heart and Fin is my soul.
I made a little video (and by little I mean it's a 10 minute long movie) of Fin's 1st year. I am putting it up here not because I expect you to watch it, because I certainly don't! I know watching someone else's kid might not be as exciting for some as others. Kind of like when Aunt Jane insists that everyone watch the video from her cruise to the bahamas. I am putting it up because I love it. I'm also posting some of Fin's 1 year shots here in case you don't want to watch the entire 10 minute long show just to get to the recent stuff!
If you DO watch it, I want to explain the songs. The first is a cover of coldplay's "yellow" by Jem. Oh I could listen to this song every day! I love the original, but I truly believe she made it better. The second song is Love in a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. The first time I heard that song I about cried right in the middle of wherever I was. I can't remember where, but Fin was fairly young. The coffee shop lyric just stopped me dead in my tracks. Before I was pregnant with Fin I never really liked coffee. I mean, I would drink a white mocha from Starbucks every now and then, but I could take it or leave it. When I got pregnant and over the morning sickness, I began to crave coffee. I had to have it every day or I was a mess. People who have known me for a while looked at me like I was insane, because I was suddenly needing it so badly. The obsession has continued. I joked with one of my girlfriends once because I even drank it constantly while I was nursing. I said Fin wasn't getting breastmilk, more like cafe con leche from the tap! So, there you go. A long explanation when really you probably would have thought "oh I like that song too" and moved on! But hey, you know I can get long winded.
Also, I will be back to blogging soon. I have lots to share, but I have been working on some weddings and a birthday party nonstop for a while and I just haven't had the time to commit. Hopefully I'll be back with Q&A's and SP's for several weeks by early next week!

And here he is....the main event.







And the video.

And yes, I got a new logo. I am working on updating everything, but as I said I've been very busy so it will all get done...eventually! For now we'll just have a little mix of branding! LOL.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Angels watching over us!

Last night the boys and I were involved in a serious car accident. Someone attempted to make a left turn in front of me (I was going straight down the road at 45 mph) he basically turned into me, hit me off the road and my van slammed head first into a concrete utility pole. The injuries we sustained are amazingly minor, and a true testament to wearing your seatbelt and making sure your kids, even your older kids, are in 5 point harnesses ALWAYS. Grady and Fin both have a few bruises from where the car seats held them in, on their legs and shoulders. Grady has a bruise on his cheek, we think he bit it hard as he did bleed from his mouth. I have a large abraision/contusion across my neck and chest from the seatbelt and airbag, and a pretty severe case of whiplash. We were all taken to St Joes and I had quite a few CT scans because they were concerned that I could have internal bleeding since I am taking blood thinners. Thank God, we are all ok and went home last night. We're sore and a little shaken up, but everything will heal within a week or so. Not even a minor fracture in the bunch! It floors me how lucky we were. To see my van, you would think it would have been a lot worse for the passengers. I just have to put out there... please PLEASE do not ever let your kids (or anyone in your car) ride unbuckled, even if you're only going a little ways. I can't even let myself think about the outcome of this if any of us had not been. I took a few pics of the van today at the lot where they towed it, and I'll try to put one up soon. It's insane.
2009 is proving to be a little rough, but I just thank God that this turned out the way it did.
For now, I want to post my SP for last week. I won't do a question this week since I have already written a novel, but this is from the recent shots of the cutie at the aquarium. You can see me in her eye!

SP 15

Monday, April 13, 2009


Dear blog stalkers and occasional readers alike,
I am asking tonight for your prayers and thoughts to be directed at one very special little man. I have "known" Landon since he was born, his mom and I were on a message board together for babies due in July 05. Landon was born May 12th, and his battle began right away. He has spent most of his close to 4 years in and out of the hospital, and was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. I don't know all the ins and outs of his diagnosis, but I do know Landon's journey has not been full of ease. However, he is a fighter who always has a smile on his face. This past January, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Landon and his family on his make-a-wish trip to Disney, where I was able to take a few photos for them. My life is better for having met Landon, and I know many others have been equally touched by this very special little boy and his sweet family. Tonight, Landon is very sick. He's battling the flu, and several different infections and will be going back to the PICU. He's spent quite a lot of time there lately, and had just gone home for a few days before he was re-admitted to the hospital. Please pray for Landon. His O2 sats are low and his heartrate is high, both signs that his body is working too hard. He has come through things like this before with flying colors, but any thoughts his way will help!

Landon (5)

Landon (14)

Landon (19)

Landon (20)

Landon (16)

Landon (17)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Needed a break

From proofing some weddings, so I quick grabbed a few of cutie little miss that I shot at the FL aquarium a few weeks ago. She's the cousin of a friend. Oh, to have lips like that. Look out Angelina!






Thursday, April 9, 2009

Q&A week 14

Question this week from my friend Terra again. I am the queen of doing too much, so it's short and sweet again this week as I frantically try to catch up with everything!

What is your absolute favorite photograph you have taken if there is one? This one is so hard. Each image I take becomes such a part of me, so it's very hard to choose favorites. Sort of like picking a favorite from one of your kids! This one is one that springs to mind right away. I love it for a lot of reasons. It's got both my boys in it, so of course it shoots to the top of the list! Plus, I remember how completely elated big G was to be able to take some pictures with little G. . I love how he's looking at him.

But like I said, it's a really tough choice! I debated putting my top 5 up, but then I started looking and since I remember the "story" behind every image I have shot it was so hard for me. I do know that I adore this one of little "H". Seriously, to meet this kid is to love her. What a bright light she shines. Maybe that's why she's the opening shot on my website slideshow too!

And my SP this week. My husband gets onto me because I always want to do it ALL. It is very hard for me to admit that I am overwhelmed and say no. Lately, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by a combination of things (most of which have nothing to do with photography). I know it will pass!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you. Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you. I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down, I want to come too.
{Landon Pigg-love in a coffee shop}


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Q & A week 13

My question this week comes again from my good friend Terra. I have more to say about Terra, but it will have to wait til next week because we're leaving for Disney in about 5 min! YAY! A very special day with just mommy, daddy and Big G. I am not bringing the camera (as much as it pains me) because the last time I took it there it got broken and I am skeered. Also, I want the day to be about Grady and if I have the camera I won't be totally focused on him. I do think we'll take the little point and shoot....

Anyway, Her question is
How long were you in dance? What was your favorite style? I danced on and off from the time I was about Grady's age. I have vivid memories of my little friend Amanda and I skipping around the floor at the dance studio, and the teal clown outfit I wore in my first recital. I took a brief hiatus but picked it back up in high school and loved it. I spent most days doing something dance related, from classes to dance team to helping choreograph the school musicals. I continued on through college doing choreography, and I really miss those days. Not only for the fun I had, but for the shape I was in!
My favorite is hard. I loved Tap, but it was by far the hardest for me to pick up. I had a friend, Whitney, who could tap tap tap her way around anyone, and oh how I wanted to be like that! I loved ballet, but I think my favorites were hip hop style and also stage choreographed pieces that brought flavors of lots of types of dance all into one number. I had a great memory for choreography, and I can actually still remember some of my high school dance teams routines. No, I will not do them for you. Don't ask.

And my SP. This was taken this weekend at little "M"'s first birthday. I'll share more from that big day soon, but this is just a sneaky SP I got while photographing the family! See me all the way over to the right in the mirror?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The cuteness

You all know I have a special place in my heart for families with two boys. It's such a special blessing to see brothers interact. Don't get me wrong, when sisters love on each other it's precious. but to see boys that absolutely dote on one another is so special to me. Little L loves his big brother D very very much, and it totally reminded me of my two guys.

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