Thursday, April 2, 2009

Q & A week 13

My question this week comes again from my good friend Terra. I have more to say about Terra, but it will have to wait til next week because we're leaving for Disney in about 5 min! YAY! A very special day with just mommy, daddy and Big G. I am not bringing the camera (as much as it pains me) because the last time I took it there it got broken and I am skeered. Also, I want the day to be about Grady and if I have the camera I won't be totally focused on him. I do think we'll take the little point and shoot....

Anyway, Her question is
How long were you in dance? What was your favorite style? I danced on and off from the time I was about Grady's age. I have vivid memories of my little friend Amanda and I skipping around the floor at the dance studio, and the teal clown outfit I wore in my first recital. I took a brief hiatus but picked it back up in high school and loved it. I spent most days doing something dance related, from classes to dance team to helping choreograph the school musicals. I continued on through college doing choreography, and I really miss those days. Not only for the fun I had, but for the shape I was in!
My favorite is hard. I loved Tap, but it was by far the hardest for me to pick up. I had a friend, Whitney, who could tap tap tap her way around anyone, and oh how I wanted to be like that! I loved ballet, but I think my favorites were hip hop style and also stage choreographed pieces that brought flavors of lots of types of dance all into one number. I had a great memory for choreography, and I can actually still remember some of my high school dance teams routines. No, I will not do them for you. Don't ask.

And my SP. This was taken this weekend at little "M"'s first birthday. I'll share more from that big day soon, but this is just a sneaky SP I got while photographing the family! See me all the way over to the right in the mirror?


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