Friday, April 17, 2009

Angels watching over us!

Last night the boys and I were involved in a serious car accident. Someone attempted to make a left turn in front of me (I was going straight down the road at 45 mph) he basically turned into me, hit me off the road and my van slammed head first into a concrete utility pole. The injuries we sustained are amazingly minor, and a true testament to wearing your seatbelt and making sure your kids, even your older kids, are in 5 point harnesses ALWAYS. Grady and Fin both have a few bruises from where the car seats held them in, on their legs and shoulders. Grady has a bruise on his cheek, we think he bit it hard as he did bleed from his mouth. I have a large abraision/contusion across my neck and chest from the seatbelt and airbag, and a pretty severe case of whiplash. We were all taken to St Joes and I had quite a few CT scans because they were concerned that I could have internal bleeding since I am taking blood thinners. Thank God, we are all ok and went home last night. We're sore and a little shaken up, but everything will heal within a week or so. Not even a minor fracture in the bunch! It floors me how lucky we were. To see my van, you would think it would have been a lot worse for the passengers. I just have to put out there... please PLEASE do not ever let your kids (or anyone in your car) ride unbuckled, even if you're only going a little ways. I can't even let myself think about the outcome of this if any of us had not been. I took a few pics of the van today at the lot where they towed it, and I'll try to put one up soon. It's insane.
2009 is proving to be a little rough, but I just thank God that this turned out the way it did.
For now, I want to post my SP for last week. I won't do a question this week since I have already written a novel, but this is from the recent shots of the cutie at the aquarium. You can see me in her eye!

SP 15


Terra said...

As you know I am extremely happy you guys are ok, I am shaken up and I wasn't even there so I can't imagine what you and G are feeling! Love the self portrait, a bit biased of course LOL Take care of yourself and let us know if you need ANYTHING, and I mean it ANYTHING even if for us to come over to do the dishes even though I know your hubby is tidier than mine!

Lauren W said...

Oh my goodness, Court! I am so glad that you and the boys are okay. I am so so so so sorry that happened. And you're right- keep those 5 point harnesses as long as you can.

Kerry S said...

So glad you guys are okay... *hugs*... Be SAFE!!!!

And I LOVE the picture :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are all safe!! How scary!! I hope you all feel better soon!

Lindsey Harrie

Kerri Krueger said...

Sorry to hear you guys were in an accident, but glad that no one was seriously hurt! Hope you are feeling better soon.