Thursday, August 16, 2012

Max {magic}

I know this mom has approximately 67,584 friends waiting to see a sneak peek of sweet baby Max. And with cuteness like this I am happy to oblige. Oh.My.Soul.
Let me preface by saying that I am kind of in love with Max's big sister Kaiya. She is cute as a button, and has the spunkiest, sassiest little personality. And did I say cute?

So knowing that I had that to work with, and that her brother was going to be just as yummy, I was reeeeaaaallllly excited about this session. In fact, I kind of forced my hand on it because mom was really nervous about how he would be. She claimed that all Max wanted to do was eat and she was concerned that he would not be the sweet, sleepy newborn I was looking for. Well, he made mom a liar. Sorry Marcy. When this was literally the 4th fame I snapped, I knew we were in for some good times.
And it kind of just went pretty well from there on out. I'm not saying that he didn't fuss. All newborns do. But as my friend Lauren and her hubby Brad like to say "this a'int my first time at the rodeo". Babies don't scare me. ;)
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In fact, I feel like I should share this out-take so you can see that he DID cry. Actually, I love this picture. He's screaming and the rest of them are just tickled pink. That's life with a newborn for ya!