Thursday, July 30, 2009

My big boy

Dear Grady.

I can't believe you are 4! You've grown up in the blink of an eye. You are such a character, and I don't think I could have ever forseen how much joy you would bring to our lives. I love all the funny little things about you, and there are lots of funny things about you. There's also sweet things and, well, strange things. That comes with every four year old boy though. I love how you've become cuddly in the past few months. You were never a big cuddle bug as a baby, and I am trying to remember to cherish it every time you nearly knock me over with a running-leap-hug. I know all too soon you won't want to hug me so much any more, if only out of sheer embarrassment.
It's hard not to giggle when you go from laughing
006 copyweb

to pouting in the blink of an eye.
008 copyweb

You've always been so intense. If you're up you're up, and if you're down, you are waaaaaay down. You're also a master negotiator. Your daddy and I always joke that you'll either be a very famous politician or a very successful used car salesman. Our favorite thing you've said recently was "ok, I understand the words you're telling me. I just don't like what you're saying" when we asked you for the 14th time to go to bed. Although, I think you'd prefer to be a break dancer. Which I secretly love.

Untitled-1 copyweb

You're also so so animated. You've got all these faces that you think are hilarious to make. My favorite is the one you've been throwing me when I try to take your picture since you were about 18 months old. You know the one....

051 copyweb

Yep. That's it. (Eat your hearts out girls)

There's so much that I could say about you. I love your little stutter, and it hurts me to think that mean kids have made fun of you for it. If they knew how smart you were they would hold their tongues.I love the way you still can't quite say your "L"'s, and how you love to wear "fwip-fwops", just like mommy.


I love how your booty looks so cute in jeans, just like Daddy's. I hope when you're older you realize what a gift that is. Or, maybe for the sanity of your future spouse, I hope you don't! ;)

015 copyweb

And I love how you laughed like crazy when I told you to lift up your shirt in the middle of Ybor City so I could take a picture of your "cutie booty". I can still hear it, and it makes me grin.

I love love love how you already adore your friends. With reckless abandon. I am not sure their mommies love how you kiss them on the lips, but we're working on the whole "personal bubble" concept.

060 copy

However, if you want to keep kissing this little sweetie on the lips, and maybe, say, 20 years from now get married and then have a little rediculously cute grandbaby for me to lavish gifts on I won't complain. And no, her mommy and I have not discussed this. Why would you think that?!


You're such a great big brother, and it makes me proud every day to see you cheer Fin on as he learns new things. I am so glad you love each other so very much. I can't believe you're only a year away from kindergarten. I know you'll do well in school. Sometimes I wish I could slow down time, but then I think I don't want to, because I love the little person you are, and watching you learn, grow and change every day. Whatever you do, don't ever stop being you.

089 copyweb

Monday, July 20, 2009


Sisters are so much fun! I love seeing the bond that is there so young. Miss "M" was a great big helper during our session, and she and "S" are bound to have lots of great times together in the coming years. It's always so sweet for me to see kids M's age (she's almost 5) interact with their younger siblings. They're past the toddler "let me poke the baby in the eye" phase and are really great at just calming their sibs down and helping them take a great photo!

Sweet M&S



And yes, it was exceedingly hard, but I narrowed it down to three. I may have to scrap the rule though. It's tough to choose!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday(s)!

So, one of these handsome guys turned 1 recently, and the other turned...well, older than 1. I'll let you figure out which is which.

238 copyweb

The whole family came out for a fun birthday family photo time and I had a blast meeting all of them! There were plenty of laughs, hugs and good times during the session, and I hope this sneak peek gets them all ready for the goodies to come.

I just love this image. Her genuine laugh and the way he's holding her leg just make me smile. Plus, rocking red heels, a little black dress and two cute human accessories? How can you go wrong?
288 copyweb

Every great comedy duo has a funny man and a straight man...
206 copyweb

Ok, and I know I am breaking the three picture rule again, but seriously, could he be any cuter? I think not.
300 copyweb

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Peanut!

Meet little "S" weighing in at under 6 lbs, she was so tiny and perfect! She did great during our session, although mom and dad DID both get pooped on. They were troopers though and took it for the team! Thanks "B and B" for being great sports ;)


057 copyweb

my fave...
Mom and S

And ok, I have to throw one in of big sister "A", because she was super cute!


Thanks B family, I had a wonderful time getting to know you! Remember, if you get 10 comments on your post, it's a free 8x10. 20 is a free 11x14. (but not both) ;) So have all your friends and family leave a comment!

Monday, July 13, 2009


This little man is such a peanut. He's about 2 months younger than Fin, but so so so much tinier! I have been photographing him since he was only a few weeks old and it is such an honor to watch him grow from session to session!

I am going to try and cut down on the number of images I show for sneak peeks. I think it will help make the rest of the gallery a bit more of a surprise for the family, so I am trying to limit it to 3. They may be my favorites, or ones I think the parents will love, or just random shots I pull out! Remember, if you get 10 comments on your post, it's a free 8x10. 20 is a free 11x14. (but not both) ;)


L.O.V.E the moodiness here...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

This week...

I hope you....

Play with your family.
007 copyweb

Hold someone's hand.
015 copyweb

Feel brotherly love.
028 copyweb

LOL (that's laugh out loud, for folks who aren't attached to their ipod)
042 copyweb

Splash barefoot in the rain. Really. Make that a goal this week. :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Popping in

With a few more of the newborn I posted last week.
I am sure many of you remember her big sister!

And here's princess A, up a little closer.





Gosh I love newborns!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just one

Had to share this today. I am convinced it stopped raining ONLY so I could get this shot. More of this cutie next week! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

Meant to be

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Kids

Sometimes I get so caught up in life with a toddler and a preschooler, and photographing all the tons of little cuties that come my way, that I forget how much I love working with older kids as well. For example, where else will you find Batman at a session, except for in the home of a six year old boy?

And did you know that 10 year old girls will lick their moms face? They will.

But amidst all the silliness and fun, there are plenty of tender, loving moments just waiting to jump out. Things that you might not get from a toddler, because they just don't sit still long enough.







I encourage you parents of "big kids" to not get so lost amongst the team pictures and school pictures and dance pictures that you forget to get some family pictures again. Sure, you're kids might not be teensy anymore, but they'll also never be six, or ten, or fourteen again either. Soon they'll have families of their own, and you'll want to remember that time that your daughter licked your face. I promise.