Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Kids

Sometimes I get so caught up in life with a toddler and a preschooler, and photographing all the tons of little cuties that come my way, that I forget how much I love working with older kids as well. For example, where else will you find Batman at a session, except for in the home of a six year old boy?

And did you know that 10 year old girls will lick their moms face? They will.

But amidst all the silliness and fun, there are plenty of tender, loving moments just waiting to jump out. Things that you might not get from a toddler, because they just don't sit still long enough.







I encourage you parents of "big kids" to not get so lost amongst the team pictures and school pictures and dance pictures that you forget to get some family pictures again. Sure, you're kids might not be teensy anymore, but they'll also never be six, or ten, or fourteen again either. Soon they'll have families of their own, and you'll want to remember that time that your daughter licked your face. I promise.


Cindy S. said...

What a fun family :) Adorable pics!

stacey said...

How fun! The one of just the mom and daughter on the bed made me teary. Reminds me I need to get one with C before she grows up too much!