Monday, July 20, 2009


Sisters are so much fun! I love seeing the bond that is there so young. Miss "M" was a great big helper during our session, and she and "S" are bound to have lots of great times together in the coming years. It's always so sweet for me to see kids M's age (she's almost 5) interact with their younger siblings. They're past the toddler "let me poke the baby in the eye" phase and are really great at just calming their sibs down and helping them take a great photo!

Sweet M&S



And yes, it was exceedingly hard, but I narrowed it down to three. I may have to scrap the rule though. It's tough to choose!

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Anonymous said...

So adorable!

Ann Madely said...

OMG, these photos of the girls are fabulous!! That first shot of the girls on the chair with the book is amazing. Well, they're all amazing!! - Ann

suzanne said...


This is grandma (Gaga) and I must say I am gaga about these pictures of my girls!

Anonymous said...

Courtney - these look great! Cannot wait to see the others!