Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Peanut!

Meet little "S" weighing in at under 6 lbs, she was so tiny and perfect! She did great during our session, although mom and dad DID both get pooped on. They were troopers though and took it for the team! Thanks "B and B" for being great sports ;)


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my fave...
Mom and S

And ok, I have to throw one in of big sister "A", because she was super cute!


Thanks B family, I had a wonderful time getting to know you! Remember, if you get 10 comments on your post, it's a free 8x10. 20 is a free 11x14. (but not both) ;) So have all your friends and family leave a comment!


Traci said...

i had to leave a comment for the family
they are beautiful!
love the little girl and the photo of the family.
these images are just beautiful courtney!

stacey said...

What a stunning family! Big sis has the most beautiful eyes and the one of mommy and baby is so perfect.

Tamarae said...

I don't know who this beautiful family is but I absolutely LOVE your family photo of them as well as the adorable big sister! Love your work!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Very precious pictures, especially the one of mommy and little one. What a good looking family :)
Jodi Gosse

Grandma G. said...

Just think all that beauty started when B&B were babies. It is being passed on to their two girls. What a beautilful looking family.
Grandma G.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so beautiful! It's nice that we can share them from so far away.

Jennifer J. said...

Love,Love,Love...These girls are so precious. Thanks for sharing the pics. B&B you look great too and so happy. Jennifer

Joan said...

What a beautiful family! I love how you captured them looking so natural.


Kylee Jo said...

I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite, they all look so wonderful! The little girls are so adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Terra said...

I love the one of baby and Mom! Also the one of the big sister is precious!

Anonymous said...

You guys have beautiful babies. I can't wait to give them a big squeeze. Love to all. Gretchyn