Thursday, February 5, 2009

Q&A week 5

Yes, I am late again. I have been working like mad trying to catch up with everything that got pushed back while I was in the hospital. I am slowly making a dent, so I thought I'd take a blog break! ;)

My question this week is the last from my sister in law. She knows the answer to this one, but thought not everyone would, so...

Do you do weddings? Indeed, I do. I don't do many. I loev kids too much to make weddings my major priority, and taking on more than maybe one wedding a month would just overload me to the point of not being able to focus on every client in a very personal way. That being said, I have two weddings coming up in March, so be on the lookout for images from those. I'll also be posting some engagement shots from one of those couples here very shortly. And if you know someone who's getting married, send them my way!

I took my self portrait this week knowing what the question was....It's been working out so well every other time that I had to go with "the theme" :)
This is a shot of my engagement ring. I love it. I have always loved it. My husband once said I could upgrade later in life if I wanted something "better". I don't. He did a fantastic job picking it out, and it was exactly what I had always pictured. I'm a pretty simple gal, so the ornate is not for me. And it had to be platinum, because I am a klutz and I knew I would scratch/dent/completely bend beyond recognition a gold ring.

SP week 5.

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Brittany Wilder said...

It amazes me how you can take a picture of your own hand and make it awesome!