Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Q&A week 7

I'm on time! That's a first for the past few weeks for sure. Today I'll address the second part of Nicole's question...

How do you make your clients comfortable during a session? I will be honest, sometimes this is hard to do! People have a preconceived notion that taking pictures is NOT a fun thing to do. I mentioned in the last post that I feel a lot more comfortable with children than with adults. I am naturally very shy, and working in this profession really requires me to step outside my comfort zone. However, I find that just opening up a natural, candid conversation usually helps put people at ease. I try to read how some families react to me giving dierction. Some need it, others are better at just being themselves without much instruction or intervention from me. I do try to let people know that stiff, posed shots are not as much what I am going for in the session as some candid natural stuff right off the bat. There's usually at least one in every crowd that has a hard time just letting loose (which I understand, because I hate being on the other end of the camera myself!) I'll try to joke a little with that person to see if I can get some natural smiles. I'll also play little games "for the kids". It's amazing how mom and dad will react more nautrally when I ask them to simply play with their children and try to forget I am there!

And my SP for this and the Big G! Trying to get him to do this with me was absolutely like pulling teeth, but the resulting shot is an absolute treasure for me. I am hoping little G will be a better participant next week when it's his turn :)


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Terra said...

I love love love the photo of you and Big G!