Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What's better than one blue eyed, curly headed cutie?

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Another one!
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Yep. Identical twins "A and A" had me over for tea, bed jumping, and (a new one for me) crib swinging...
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and, if it that wasn't fun and cute enough, they also have another little "A" in the house!
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Admittedly, she was not so sure about me at first. But she seemed to warm up fine when she got into Daddy's arms.
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"L" fam, hope you enjoyed your little peek. Your gallery should be active by the end of the week, so just close your eyes and hold tight...
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Well, ok, you can come back and peek a little more if you need to.
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MelissaKbrew said...

Great shots! Can't wait to see mine too! LOVE the one of the twins with their eyes covered :)

Lauren W said...

Dang those are cute kids!!