Monday, March 1, 2010

Announcements, announcements!

Yes, this post will (unfortunately for you) be mostly me rambling. But, some of you will really want this info, so you'll grin and bear it, right?!?!
I promise I'll put some pics at the end of a cute little one year old to make up for it.
Ok, first I want to thank all the moms who joined me for the becoming a mamarazzi workshop hosted by the mommyista. I had a great time and I received a lot of positive feedback. It was great to see so many mama's excited about taking better pictures of their little ones. I am now offering this workshop to moms groups and other groups, so if you are interested in setting one up for your organization, playgroup, PTA, or any other group please call or email me.
For those who attended the mommyista event last week, here's all the info you need to know to win a free session with me!
Submit one full color, unedited and unretouched photograph you have taken in the past week (since the workshop) to me at . It must be of your child, aged 0-18 years. If you haven't taken any yet, get crackin' on the techniques we discussed and you have until this Sunday night (March 7) at midnight to submit your entry. I will be submitting all photos to the judges Monday morning. Photos will be judged by a group of photographers from across the country, who will be looking for correct implementation of the tips you learned in the workshop. It's not a "cutest kid" contest. Everyone has cute kids! This is about applying what you learned. The judges will select a grand prize winner (free session) a runner up (credit for 16x20 print from a session with me) and three honorable mention (credit for an 11x14 print from a session with me). Because I do have friends and clients who attended this workshop, I will not be involved in the judging process in any way to keep it absolutely fair. The 5 winners will be announced and featured on my blog next Wednesday, March 10. Aaaaaannnnnnd....GO!

In other news, I still have openings in my girlfriends mini sessions this coming Sunday. I did have a question as to if I was allowing boys in on the sessions, and YES! If you have a little guy and you want to do a buddy session with him and his guys, feel free. Or maybe his best friend is a girl! That's ok too (my little G has mostly girl friends also). Please call or email me as soon as possible to book your spot for this fun event. I have gotten so many emails about what fun it would be. I promise it will be!

And, because I promised not to leave you with no cuties to adore. Here's 1 year old Mr. B. He is a DOLL! That pouty lip melted me!
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The Brinkers said...

Love the pouty lip and the catch lights! Great work as usual CV!

MelissaKbrew said...

SO cute! Love the eyes!