Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random News

Well, we have had the first business "scare". Yesterday, I was busily proofing some photos when my little guy woke up from naptime. I casually set my laptop on our recliner (dumb) and went up to get him. Now, when my child wakes up, he's ready to drink the Nile, so it is totally ingrained in me to go get him water. I put him down an went into the kitchen. I heard him say "chair, up" and 3 seconds later CRASH. Yep. The laptop. He tried to climb up in the recliner and it suffered a fall. I felt my heart go into convulsions as I have 2-3 sessions on there that were not backed up onto disks yet.
After a trip to circuit city today, we have determined that the charger "thingamajiger" is busted. Thankfully, the hard drive is fine and they will be able to "migrate the data" to a new computer. So, I am now on the desktop (with no pictures) until they can get that done. Sigh.
One good thing may come out of this. The new toy I am getting will now have a DVD burner, so I may again be offering DVD slideshows of sessions. Bonus for you.
Those of you who have not officially placed orders yet, your prints may take an additional week to arrive after your order is placed, because it will take a few days to migrate the data (I love saying that) onto the new hard drive. Your images are NOT lost though, and all orders will be rush shipped once I get everything back.
Bear with me. Lesson learned. I'll be posting my summer special tomorrow, since I can't get much else done right now!

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