Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Q & A Week 2

So it's week two of Q&A with me. My question this week comes from my sister in law, Katie. Actually she sent me quite a few, so you'll be hearing those answers for the next few weeks.

Who do the boys resemble? They are really a good mix of both of us, I think. Grady doesn't really resemble anyone in particular in either of the families. He's kind of got his own cute little look. Both boys have Chris' hair pattern and "butt-chin" (as he calls it) and they both look very much like me in the eyes and nose. Fin I think resembles my side of the family more closely. There are pictures that I take of him that look very much like me as a baby, but really I think he looks mostly like my dad. Chris and I joke that we look more like brother and sister than he and his sister do, so I think the kids just look like a better version of ourselves! I hear all the time that they look identical to each other. I agree that they definately look like brothers, but I Fin looks very different from Grady at this age, at least to me.

And my self portrait this week. I actully took this before I looked back at what the question for this week was going to be. Isn't it ironic?
This is me as a baby. I think I was about Fin's age or a little younger. I don't think there's any question as to why my boys are chunky babies ;)

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Lauren W said...

OKay, you're self portrait is about the most artistic self portrait I have ever seen.