Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update: Sunday Jan 25th

First, I want to send a shout out to my little brother. It's his birthday today! HAPPY 25th E!

I am doing well. Still in "lock up", but otherwise ok. I am hoping my blood levels will be where they need to be tomorrow so I can go home, but the nurse tonight told me she thinks probably Tuesday. I have found the nurses are usually more accurate than the Dr's when it comes to things like that, so I am preparing myself for a couple more days. Chris has been bringing the boys to see me and they are doing ok. Grady is confused and wanted to stay here with me last night. Fin is dong ok. He's normally a mama's boy though and when he came today he only wanted daddy. I know it's just because he's been with Chris more for the past 3 days, but it still made me yearn to go home and rock him to sleep tonight like we usually do. They have been charming the whole floor though. I am by far the youngest person up here, so a baby is like a breath of fresh air for the staff. They eat them up!
That's really all I have to report tonight. I am pretty tired as I have had a restless roommate for the past few nights. Thankfully she has been moved to a rehab center, so I am hoping for sleep tonight. Just praying they don't need to bring someone in at 3 am.
Here's some fun shots from a little mini session I had last weekend. These kids were so cute and personable. I could have shot them all day. It was the coldest day EVER, and the little girl only wanted to go get ice cream, she had me cracking up! All of their names start with "T". So here's "T,T,T and baby T"! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek, mommy! (And aunt L, because I know you're sitting at your computer hitting 'refresh'.










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