Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Q&A week one!

OK, first off, I am going to need you all to send me a lot more questions. I think I have 8 so far, so for the next 8 weeks we're good to go, but you all may be subject to my ramblings for the other 44 weeks unless I get some more along the way! ;) So, I'll just go in order of how questions are received. First one comes from my friend Cindy!

Are you done having kids?
Ah. Wouldn't I like to know! There's definately a part of me that doesn't feel like we're done. However, we're enjoying our little family of four for at least another year or so and then we'll start thinking about it. We really like the age gap between Grady and Fin, and since we don't produce great sleepers, we need at least a year of solid sleep before we consider it. We do produce mighty cute kids, though! I have a friend who insists Chris and I should just keep having gorgeous babies as often as possible (pausing here to give Chris time to pass out).

And I have started another little project with some of my photographer friends, where I will be taking a self portrait every week for the next year. This week, I have been sick, and the only thing that looks nice on me right now are my feet, so feet it is.

SP1- Week 1- Jan 6 2009


Brinker-Freed Photography said...

wow- I don't like feet, but those are some good looking toes! :) Hope you're feeling better soon.

Crazy Michele from your subdivision! said...

nice pedi! haha!

Kristie said...

I think maybe one kiddo for every toe... good thing you don't have 12 toes, as if 10 kiddos sounds better. lol. Sorry you have been sick, hope you are feeling better soon!!! xoxo