Sunday, October 23, 2011

A, you're adorable.

Hope you're not tired of adorable 1 year old girls. Then again, how could you be, really? Miss Audrina is another miracle baby. During her birth, the midwife noticed she was having some dips in heart rate and sent mom over to the hospital to deliver instead. Upon her arrival, doctors discovered that she had a congential heart defect that had been missed on ultrasounds. Thankfully, we have one of the mose wonderful children's hospitals in the country right in our backyards here in the bay area. Audrina was treated at All Children's hospital in St. Pete. Today, she still has to be watched closely, but just look at what an amazingly beautiful little miracle she has become. It was a pleasure to meet her and her mama, and hear her story.

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Rachel Nye said...

These are the most beautiful pictures of our Audrina! Thank you so much for doing such outstanding work! My miracle baby looks miraculous!!!!!