Monday, October 24, 2011

B, you're so beautiful.

Are you ready for some photo overload this morning? If not, just come back this afternoon. :) But really, you'll love looking at this sweet family, I promise. We had a great morning over at Kopak Garden in Clearwater. I had never even heard of this location, it was selected by this family, so I was so happy when I pulled into the parking lot. What an amazing place! There were so many fabulous little niches to shoot in, and the kids loved dashing around the courtyard. Now I know mom was worried that I didn't get a thing (moms usually are), and she thanked me for being so patient with her little tribe at the end. I have to say, she shouldn't have worried. They were great. Also, if you're ever working with a photographer who does NOT show extreme patience with your child(ren), it's time to find a new photographer. It's kind of a job requirement, in my opinion. Kids will be kids!
web1 I love this shot. I think it's a true testament to the love in a family to just be surrounded by your gorgeous, giggling children. web2 Sweet Isabelle was a little shy with me, but that's ok. It's in those instances when I like the "sneak attack" shots, to capture their true little beautiful selves. web4 web12 web11

Miss Olivia was the opposite of shy! She struck a pose at any available opportunity. What a natural! web3 web13 werb1

 Bobbie is 4, which is one of my favorite ages to shoot. They eat it up, they're great smilers, and they just naturally know how to be sweethearts. web5 web6 web7
And little Jett. Oh. my. goodness. If he goes missing, don't worry. I probably just borrowed him for an afternoon of fun! What a doll baby. web9 web8 web10 web14 web15

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