Monday, October 3, 2011


Today is so gorgeous here in Tampa! We had a beautiful weekend, and I have so many fun sessions to share from the past week. This morning we awoke to a low temp in the 50's (which is relatively rare here in Oct.) I have the windows open, Pandora on, and I can hear the kids at the elementary school outside at recess. It just has me feeling so cheery and rejuvinated! Plus, I am currently editing some adorable one year old girls, so that just makes me smile. First up on the blog this week is Miss Kendall. She is the tiniest little peanut! I always marvel when I see teeny tiny babies, because mine were so huge at this age! Grady, who is now actually smaller than most of the other kids in his class, looked like the stay-puft marshmallow man at 1 year old. I'm truly not joking. When I worried to his pediatrician that he wasn't walking yet at 13 months, she told me he was probably too fat to stand up. (jokingly of course) I kinda miss those baby rolls... Ah, apparently all this fall air has me in a reminiscing mood as well. ;)

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