Wednesday, October 5, 2011

365 days

Meet Sophia. Also known as the friendliest one year old I have ever met. Her mama and I used to work together waaaaaay back in the day, before I had kids. I was tickled pink when she emailed me saying she wanted some pictures of her baby girl.
When I arrived at our session, little Sophia practically jumped into my arms, and she just kept up with the smiles and cuddles the entire time.
 I kind of adore her. Both my boys had that baby fine hair that sticks straight up, and she does too. She was exactly one year old last Friday, and I was so so so happy to share with her on her big day. Her 365th day!

web1 web2 web3 web4 web5 web6 web7 web8 She was not actually asleep in this picture, but she just laid her little head on her mom's shoulder and sighed and closed her eyes. It may be one of my favorite pictures ever. web9

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Terra said...

How cute and that last picture is so sweet!!