Tuesday, October 25, 2011

C, you're a cutie full of charm.

Ok, I promise that's the last perry como song titled post. Does anyone even know that song besides me?
I'd like to introduce sweet, cute, adorable Sebastian! His mama is a friend, and she and dad had a bet going. If he was born in September, dad got to name him. If he came in October, it was mom's choice. Well, this little guy must have known his name was supposed to be Sebastian, because mom went into labor late in the evening on Sept. 30, and baby was born 53 minutes into October. I think it's pretty clear he decided to take control of that!

Love this one. It's like he was looking straight at my soul.
web3 Big brother is AMAZING, and so in love with this little guy. web2

He's a cutie too. All on his own. web1 web5 web4 web6 web7 web8 web9 copy
Wekcome to the world, little man!

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