Friday, March 6, 2009

Q&A week 9

Running behind a bit this week again. I think the Vickers family has been keeping the physicians of Tampa Bay hopping this winter. I will be glad when the "cold" weather is gone and we can all be healthy (hopefully).
So, my question this week again comes from my client "L". She asked a couple good ones :) Thanks!

When did you discover your talent? I have always loved art. In any form. I did a lot of "artsy" things in high school and college. However, while I can express my artistic side fairly well through dance or music (except the piano) my drawings look like stick figures and my painting looks like Grady did it. In college, I found noticed a friend who had the coolest looking camera. I immediately wanted one, and started my obsession with a canon rebel EOS. It was very much like the canon xti that is on the market now, only it was film and not digital. I loved it! I got a lot of compliments about how my pictures looked "different" from the norm. I took a class and learned a little bit more about it.
When I moved to Florida, I sort of forgot how much I liked it. My favorite subject in college had been the little girl I nannied for. Here, I didn't have a three year old readily available to follow around. I wasn't as big of a fan of nature or landscape photographs as I had been of children. I just loved the life "S" brought into the frame.
I put the camera aside for a while. Met my husband, got married and had Grady. All of a sudden WOW! I had this gorgeous little subject. Knowing the future was going digital, I begged my husband to get me a DSLR and I have never looked back. At first, I just wanted to take my own pictures of my own kid, but soon I decided that I loved it so much I wanted to try on other kids! I loved that just as much, and I count myself blessed every day that I get to do what I love and love what I do!

And my picture this week. I was feeling a little uninspired. This bottle has become a part of my life in the past month, so I thought it was fitting!

SP 9/52

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