Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Q&A week 11.

I cannot believe I have kept this up so long! Usually with things like resolutions, they last about 2 days and then I run out of time to add something new into the mix. Which is probably why I am still struggling to lose the last 8-10 lbs of baby weight. Well, that and the girl scout cookies that have been so readily accessible the past few weeks. ;)
Anyway, my question for this week comes from one of my closest girlfriends here in Tampa. She also happens to be the mommy of the two gorgeous little girls I posted a blog entry about a few weeks ago. Lindsey would like to know...
What is your most embarrassing moment? I have to be honest. I thought about this question for a long long time. A few things popped into my head, but none of them seem as mortifying as they did at the time. I am not someone who embarrasses super easily, I guess. Also, I think having kids changes your view on what things are truly embarrassing.
For example,(hypothetically speaking) A man at the play area getting a quick glimpse of your breast as you hurriedly rush to undo your nursing bra and keep the nursing cover over your head would probably be (hypothetically) embarrassing if you weren't trying to calm the screaming three week old in your arms and make sure that your two year old does not bolt unnoticed from said play area before you are done feeding the screaming newborn. And if you really think about it, the man was probably one of the kids dads and is therefore (hypothetically) much more embarrassed than you at your nursing snafu.
Also, when your three year old announces to the lady in Target (hypothetically, of course) that his daddy is at work, but no one knows who his baby brother's daddy is, but it's certainly not the same daddy who is at work; even though the kids look so much like siblings that there should be no question in anyone's mind that they do in fact have the same daddy, you're willing to just smile and nod at the look the Target woman throws you because you're daydreaming about a full night's sleep (how's THAT for a run-on sentence?) That situation might have (hypothetically) been a little embarrassing if you had been really paying attention and not simply eyeing the starbucks across the store. But now it's just a funny story.
I will say that some of my closest girlfriends know of one (hypothetical) situation where I wanted to sink through the ground, but I am not going to share that moment here. Not even hypothetically. Although luckily for Lindsey, she falls on the closest girlfriends list so she already knows that story.

And for my SP this week. I bring you sippy cups for all ages. The three of us wouldn't make it through the day without these bad boys....


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