Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hold on!

Sneak peek from the wedding I keep promising. I had to scale this back big time. J &N are such a beautiful couple that I really have had a hard time choosing a sneak peek. Their pictures are turning out beautifully so far!


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I always tell my brides that I have to keep reminding myself to follow THEM the day of the wedding. I usually have a strong desire to just keep photographing the flower girl or ring bearer, since I am primarily a child photographer. This couple expressed that they really did want some great shots of the kids, and really, with kids this cute, how could they not? Little Man had the rosiest cheeks and most sparkly eyes. If I could picture Santa Claus as a child, I think this would be it. :)



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Anonymous said...

Yes, more pictures! Love them! This sneak peak should hold us over for a little while. They look awesome. Thanks!

Shannon D. said...

The wedding photos are beautiful!