Tuesday, March 13, 2007


OK, something is up with my poll. I have contacted some of the moms and several personal friends to try and figure it out. Apparently, the host I am using for the poll is not always working. It is not supposed to allow multiple votes from the same IP address and computer, but in looking at the sheer number of votes I have determined that it is blocking some, but not others. I can't find another poll host that does block multiple votes. All I can do is ask that everyone please only vote ONE time, even if the system allows you to vote more. In the spirit of keeping things as fair as possible, I am going to restart the poll. It is a big tipoff when the numbers rise to over 100 votes for a few kids in one day, so I am asking that everyone please keep that in mind. I do realize some people have a large network of friends, and that is fine but the numbers were just going up WAY too fast. Even the moms have agreed something is up! Vote for your favorite again!


Anonymous said...

Courtney, This is really fun to watch, but I have to tell you that it doesn't help with the whole "People in Florida can't vote right" thing we got going on. People are starting to talk.

BTW, the good news is people are starting to talk. :)

Brad (Nate's Dad)

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comment Brad. I tried ;)
Anyway, I am glad you're stopping by and really that everyone is stopping by!
Good luck to everyone!