Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The beat of a heart

This past Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of going and taking pictures at the Heart to Heart reunion here in Tampa. While I normally prefer a lot of natural light and such, I found myself challenged in a very dark auditorium. Thankfully, I had my external flash and diffuser with me! This is a fantastic event for children who have been or currently are still patients at St. Joes for heart related issues. My friend Michelle has a little girl "K" who has a myriad of heart conditions, and she asked if I was available to come down. What a wonderful, fun time I had. These kids were truly the greatest, and the amount of love and joy in the room was evident the entire time.A few local sports stars even came out to sign autographs. This event was sponsored in part by an orginization called Mended Little Hearts, which has several branches throughout the country. To check out the Tampa Bay area chapter, go here http://www.mlhofstpetetampa.org/ . If you choose to make a donation to this wonderful cause, I have something special for you at your next session.

Also: I have not recieved any entries into the contest detailed in the previous blog. :( If anyone knows anyone who might be interested, please direct them here!

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