Sunday, August 26, 2007

What are YOU doing tomorrow night???

If your answer is "nothing" or even if it's "something" I have another little "something" for you to consider!
I know two fantastic ladies in the Tampa Bay area, Kelly and Becca. Together they travel the country with their program, let's talk about "IT." "IT" being sexual assault, especially in the campus setting. They are firmly passionate about the fact that reducing the number of sexual violence instances on campuses of all kinds is to empower students with the knowledge and the tools to make their communities safer places. (All that is pulled loosely from their website since they say it so very well).
Anyway, tomorrow night is their primetime TV debut. They will be featured on NBC's DATELINE at 10/9 central. I know I have people all over the country and even all over the world that read my blog, so if you have access to this program, I encourage you to tune in, or TiVO it.
The show tomorrow is an hour long program that will be broken into 6 segments. Each will feature different safety related issues, from travel safety tips, to sexual assault, to children home alone. Really, there's something for everyone. And make sure to look for Becca and Kelly in segments 4 and 5! If you want to know more about their program, or tune in tomorrow night and can't get enough, please visit their websites HERE and HERE. It's really an excellent program, and their vision and passion for what they do literally oozes out of their ears. Which is something I really love to see.
Cheers ladies!

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