Monday, August 27, 2007

10 minutes in the life...

Of me. The following is a scenario that played itself out late last week in our house.
- Look up to notice two year old approaching me with a total of over $1000 of camera and lens precariously gripped in one grubby paw.
-Freak momentarily and then decide the best approach is a quiet one.
-Say "oh, buddy. Um, can mommy have that back?"
-Hear sweet little voice say "mommy take grady's picture?"
-swell with love and pride. The child who hates the camera wants his picture made!
-gently pry expensive gear out of grubby paw.
-realize that I probably have like .2 seconds to actually take pictures before the novelty wears off.
-decide maybe I should go for one of the two of us, since I don't have many of those.
-scramble to find tripod.
-can't find tripod....ok, will have to get creative.
-look out back and realize the sun is coming from the front of the house.
-grab child and camera and, wait, I can't find tripod.
-run upstairs and fling open the shades in the master bedroom, the only room in our house that gets light from the front.
-plop child on bed.
-fiddle with settings on camera to obtain decent exposure.
-look at dresser, decide it will do as a tripod.
-attempt to focus camera while squeezing self as close to dresser as possible.
-realize that child is jumping on the bed and focus is going to be hard to come by unless I literally climb onto the dresser and crouch atop it.
-consider climbing on dresser, but figure a broken dresser would not make husband happy.
-catch two year old who has flung himself, superman style, off the bed.
-press shutter.
-realize that I did not set camera to self timer.
-catch child again.
-set self timer. By this time, all thought of correct focus has gone out the window.
-wonder "where in the heck is the tripod?"
-press shutter.
-hop on bed with child and make the best of it.
-repeat previous two actions about 8 times
-decide this is really quite fun.
-obtain 6 out of focus, incorrectly composed, slightly overexposed, (did I mention out of focus?) images that are absolutely irreplaceable and dear to my heart because they are 6 of about 25 total (really) that I have with my son. Being the photographer means you're not in front of the camera much.

Oh, and I just got an email that the show featuring Kelly and Becca (see yesterday's post) has been delayed by NBC. I will update again when it will air.


Jackie said...

Those are the sweetest pictures!!! What a great story....I love it!

Jennifer O'Donnell said...

OMG Courtney! These gave me chills and a lump in my throat! I love these. Absolutely fabulous!

Lindsey Griffin said...

Those are too freaking cute and PRICELESS!!! I absolutely LOVE them, they are perfect!

Janice said...

Those shots are great! I love the story behind them. :) They really capture you and Grady, even if you had to run and hope that they'd turn out. I love them!

Stacey said...

The picture of you holding G flying style has me in tears. Those are all wonderful, even if a tad out of focus. What a wonderful memory for you and him. (Now, please put that camera up a little higher! My heart jumped into my throat at the thought of him carrying it around the house.)

Terra Linder said...

Courtney, the story made these pictures even more beautiful that I already thought they were!