Saturday, August 4, 2007

Visions of Sugarplums

It's that time. Time for all good Christmas shoppers to think about what to get the little ones for Christmas. Does Aunt Janie want a sweater or a fruitcake this year?
Wait. It's August 5th, and if you're anything like me, you won't even think about Jolly ol' St. Nick for at least another 3 months. Well. I have some good news and some other good news. The good news is that you don't have to think about where you are going to acquire the hot new toy until right after Thanksgiving (actually, that may be bad news). The other good news is that it's time to start booking Christmas card sessions. I offer my sugarplum session between NOW and November 24th in order to ensure delivery in time for Christmas. While August is not really the time folks want to think about heading to the beach with Santa hats, I encourage you to look at dates with me ASAP. November is the hottest month of the year for us photographers who do Christmas cards, and that's when everyone wants to get them done. I ask those of you with older children to consider September and October for your sessions. A seven year old won't look much different now than they will at Christmas, and you can gaurantee that you'll have a much less stressed out photographer on your hands if you book early. Not to say that those of you needing dates in November (babies and toddlers who change rapidly) will get less than quality service, but November is the only time of year I double book days so I am going to be tired, which means I will talk more than normal and you may go home with a headache. ;)

Here's all the 411 on the sugarplum session. You get:
~An hourlong session either on location or with my studio in your home.
~20 images to choose from in an online password protected gallery.
~50 custom designed Christmas greeting cards with envelopes.
~ A $185 value for $145.
Here are a couple of examples of Christmas card styles I offer.

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