Friday, September 2, 2011


I don't have girls, but if I did I hope they would be as sweet, cute and well rounded as these 2 little lassies. I have had the pleasure of watching them grow over the past couple of years, and I just can't help but be a little proud of what great kids they are. I have some seriously awesome clients. Seriously.





I am loving some of the shots I've gotten lately with little sibs looking in adoration at their big brothers and sisters. Being an oldest child myself, it always makes me feel a little bad about times I was mean to my brother. I think it's universal that a little one thinks the big one walks on water.



I couldn't choose which of these to share, so I went with both.


They were seriously such troopers for this shot. The ground was soaking and they didn't like the idea of getting wet, but I think it helped that I showed them the bottom of my shorts after to prove we were all in it together.


Hugs Little "L" ladies.

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Stacy said...

Beautiful pictures! Of course, I'm very biased since they are my nieces!;-)