Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beachy part deux

Here's a few sneak peeks from some of the beach minis I did in August. What a night it was! We were up against some pretty terrible weather all around us, and most of these clients drove all the way down or over in sideways sheeting rain! But our little corner of the beach remained untouched, and it was even rather nice since the cloud cover and breeze kept it cooler than normal. We lucked out. I chose 2 per family to keep it reasonable, but everyone has many more to choose from. Thanks all for braving the weather to come play with me. And everyone else, be on the lookout for more mini session dates coming very soon. The holidays are right around the corner! web13 web12

 I know not everyone will find this image pleasing, but as a photographer and an artist, I am drooling over it. Oh the yummy golden light.... web11 web10 web9 web7 web5

This hat slays me. web2 web1

She didn't want to show me her ballet moves, but I coerced them out! web4 web3

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Lory L said...

beautiful, like always!!! :) Thanks for the peak!