Thursday, June 10, 2010

Barrel of Monkeys

I always wanted four kids. Even when I was four, I think I wanted four kids. I just always thought that was a perfect number. Even, so everyone always has a buddy, and yet enough to add fun and chaos to just about every event. I remember summer days spent in MN with my cousins (there were only 6 of us total), and how I used to love every second of having so many friends to play with. I never wanted to go home, and I always imagined that one day I would just have enough kids that no one would ever be lonely. And four seemed like enough. Now, before you all get excited, no. I am not pregnant with twins. My husband would be jumping off the skyway bridge right now if that were the case. But I did recently get to do a session with this fun family. They have four kids. Hence, my nostalgia, because I'm doubting that's something that is ACTUALLY going to come to fruition for me. But what fun I had playing with this little group. More fun...they will be welcoming monkey number 5 soon! Mama better bet I am coming over for a newborn session. Even if she doesn't ask. I know her friends and I will just have them assist me in a break in.
We captured some of the last light in Hyde park and had such a blast. And I gotta commend mom and dad. While 4 kids may sound daunting to a lot of people, these were the best behaved 4 kids I have ever seen. Ever. They are all smart as a whip too, and this little one had me in stitches. She's the same age as Finn, yet she's this sassy little fully potty trained, big ol' full sentance talking, gum chewing spitfire and I fell completely in love with her and her brother and sisters.




Grady is completely smitten with miss "A"
Can you blame him?



If you love the sundresses on the little girls, head on over to Laci Jean and order one for your little cutie. Holly at Laci Jean also makes stuff for mama too, puses, aprons, dresses. And she's the sweetest lady ever. So go over and support her!!!


Ah, here's that last light I was talking about....

Hope you like your sneak peek "K". It was insanely difficult to pick just a few. :) Get 10 comments and get a free 8x10, 20 upgrades to an 11x14. Please leave your first name in the comment if you are posting anonymously.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! You captured them all so well. Great job.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!This is an amazing picture. Totally picture perfect.


holly @ lacijean said...

oh my gosh they turned out AMAZING!!!!! i need the first one of "K" for my own house! i adore these children. i can't wait for our sessions with you courtney- you are incredible!

jbritt said...

They could not be any cuter!!!!!! You captured each one so perfectly! The adorable little J is surrounded by pure cuteness!!!!!Congrats to the Green Family on such an amazing family, and congrats to the photographer that captured the beauty of a very happy family! PS- I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE LAST LIGHT SHOT! THATS PERFECTION!

Love Jessica

Tracy said...

Beautiful Kids! Gorgeous photography.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! They all look so happy.

Lara said...

great photos, i LOVE looking at all the people I know on courtneys blog!!! ~lara

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! Can't wait to see the rest.


Anonymous said...

they are fantastic photos. i am loving the colors together!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Aaron A.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family captured by beautiful photographs!

Autumn said...

Courtney, you are brilliant! KG, your kids are stunning!!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! Great photography... I may need to try to grab a spot!

Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful pictures! Cutest kids ever!


Madeline said...

WOW!!! The light in that last one is stunning!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this pictures!!! They capture the kid's personalities perfectly! That's so hard to come by nowadays!Great work!!!


The Stephens said...

You captured our nieces and nephew so beautifully! What you said about them actually brought tears to my eyes, but probably because I live in the Czech Republic and haven't seen them in awhile!

Grandpa said...

Great pictures! It's a joy watching them grow.

The Robles Family said...

Breathtaking photos! Love the last light!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Their personalities shine thru!

Anonymous said...

You captured the "K" family children beautifully! Absolutely enchanting! You have a great eye!