Monday, June 7, 2010

All American Girls

I loved getting to meet these little sweeties. Backstory: When I found out I was pregnant with Grady I didn't know anyone who had babies. At all. None of my college friends had gotten to that stage quite yet, and the people who I worked with had mostly elementary age kidlets. I had been a nanny in college so the basic babycare I had down. But I was terrified because I knew that eventually I was going to need someone who was going through the same things I was and understood right at that moment. It's easy to giggle at a new mommys worries when you have kids who are much older, because you know she'll get through it and in a few years she'll wonder why she worried about how many times her newborn pooped in 24 hours. So I sought out someone. I found the birth boards on and felt immediately at ease. Here were hundreds of women going through morning sickness and swollen ankles, just like me! During the few years I spent on that birth board and another that we all migrated to (I sadly just don't have much time anymore), I made some great "imaginary" friends. And if you are one of those friends you know when I say imaginary what I am referring to! Anyway, one of them was "C". She lives a mere hour from me, yet we had never met until last weekend when she came up here for a session with her three gorgeous girls. I am about halfway through editing her session and I keep thinking to myself, these are straight up all american little gals! They each had the cutest little personality that I got to see through my lens, and it was a great evening with some of the delicious remaining light.
Hope you enjoy your sneak peek, C!


It was a very special treat to meet little A, who was pretty sick with some heart issues when she was born. Today, you'd never know that she had any problem at all. She was bossing and pushing her big sisters around in true youngest child fashion!




Here's that personality I was talking about :)


stacey said...

Oh! It is so good to see those familiar faces. These are all stunning Courtney. Good luck choosing C!

Carly Romano said...

I love love love them =) And so does John. Thank you!!!

Cindy S. said...

I'm just now seeing these! So adorable :) I love meet-ups <3 If/when we come to Florida I'm definitely looking you up girl!