Friday, January 15, 2010

New babies make me smile.

I mean really, do they make anyone NOT smile? Miss "M" has made her appearance! Last time you saw her, she was at the beach, almost finished baking in mama's tummy. Now, she's here and she's gorgeous. What a little sleeper she was for me! Honestly I got all that I needed so quickly, she was amazing. And she didn't even pee :)
Enjoy her. I did.
Also, before we go ahead, I am still booking last minute sessions for this weekend's mini's. Please call if you'd like one. It's not too late!






KClavio said...

Very sweet...I always love the shots you take of the newborns in the roughspun yarn.

stacey said...

Oh my. That yawning shot is too sweet. I should know better than to look when you say "new babies", they always makes me wish for another. She is adorable!

Mommy said...

My little angel is beautiful! You take the most amazing pictures!

johnna said...

Absolutely gorgeous.... just like her mama! You have been blessed yet again.