Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The faces of Fin

I am almost back for good, faithful blog stalkers! I had to really TRY to keep myself away while I was on maternity leave. I constantly reminded myself that being with my boys was what was most important for the past few months, and that you all would (hopefully) re-join me in July. We have a big weekend planned. Griffin's Christening is on Saturday and then Sunday is officially my first day back. I have a photo session with a photographer friend of mine from Indiana! I am so happy and honored to have her beautiful kids to work with for my first session back. They'll be spending the week in Disney (in July, bless their hearts) and are taking Sunday off to let me have my way with them -insert evil laugh-. Anyway, I am severely off track, but you know I am a long winded typer.
What I really came on to tell you about is my little one. He's 9 weeks old today and just the pudgiest little cutie ever. We had him weighed today and he's 11 lbs, 10 oz. That's the 50th percentile for those of you who have kids and know about "the curve". I don't think Grady has ever made it out of the 25th percentile, so I was shocked! I guess the mommy milk is good stuff ;).
Personality wise, I can't get over how opposite from Grady he is. Grady was a force to be reckoned with. When he was happy, he was gleeful. When he was not (which was most of the time) he was just a terror. I don't think I got more than 45 minutes of consecutive sleep for the first 9 months with him. Seriously, Fin is lucky he's here. And so are we. He is an absolute old soul in a tiny little man body. He doesn't smile a lot, I really have to work to get him to give me a grin, so each one is very special. He also doesn't cry a lot. He's just sort of content to sit and ponder life with a little knowing expression on his face. I love the fact that they are so different. What an amazing little experiment in nature vs. nurture.
Looks wise, I do have to admit I am a little disheartened. My baby came out with a beautiful olive complexion and black eyes. Chris asked for a paternity test, and had I not known with absolute certainty that the baby was his I probably would have demanded one too. However, as the days go by I find that he looks more and more like Grady. Don't get me wrong, that is in no way a bad thing, but I always wanted a little brown haired boy and I don't think I am going to get one this time either. His olive skin has gotten lighter and his hair almost has a strawberry blonde look to it. Only time will tell, I suppose! He's definately got some blue eyes like his brother though.
I know what you're thinking...why is she telling us what he looks like? Why doesn't she just post some pictures? Never fear. Here they are!
And some of "Thing one" as well. He's sportin' a new do. Anyone who had seen the ragamuffin he had become will now breathe a sigh of relief. Getting it like this involved me bear hugging him in the bathtub while Chris tried to maneuver the clippers without cutting either of us. Let's just say I am glad the neighbors did not call social services. The child hates to have his hair cut.


stacey said...

I have missed these two so much! I love Big G's new do. My little guy says "put gel in it!" and is spiking his hair to look just like that. As for little G, he is a handsome guy and is looking more like his big bro, but is certainly different in his expressions.

I can't wait to see what you do with the "B" family pictures! I am sure they are going to be awesome!

melissa said...

a post?!?!?! i'm shocked! the boys are ADORABLE and yes, fin is looking more and more like his big bro (which is definitely a good thing and i'm not just saying that because our three year olds look like long lost twins minus the hair ;)).

and about the two being different, it's so true. mine have the same will (God help me) but jackson is a cuddler unlike cooper was at a year. jackson eats EVERYTHING, infact he out eats cooper daily. ;) i could go on and on but i'll spare you. i'm just so happy to see you posting, and with pics!

holy long comment, lmao!

Courtney said...

He he Melissa. I'll try to get back on more now!
Thanks for always checking in you two!

Courtney said...

Oh, and Stacey. You need a blog.

Kristie Serra said...

I LOVE these, Courtney! The new 'do is so cool and as adorable as ever!! Can't wait to see it in person!!