Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a few. Or a lot.

Here are a few from our family trip to Sea World this past weekend. One thing I love about living in FL is being able to just decide to go to an amusement park on any given day, pack up the car, go, and be home for dinner. It's awesome!

This one makes me smile. My husband took G down to get closer to the whales before the Shamu show and one whale kept swimming by and splashing them. You can see my husband looking at his pants leg right after he got nailed!

Please ignore the rediculous looking haircut on my child. The lady really did the best she could given the fact that he was screaming and thrashing the whole time.

And here are a few from the 4d ultrasound I had on Tuesday. Haven't even met the little guy yet and I am already head over heels smitten with his face. This is the exact face G makes when he is sleeping. Holding his foot And because Y'all know I love baby foot shots!


stacey said...

Who's going to notice the hair when G has those gorgeous eyes? I can't believe how much baby #2 looks like his big bro! The b&w of G and the first ultrasound pic, they look identical.

Lisa B said...

Look at that baby footsie, I love it! I hope we can get to Sea World when we are there visiting. It looks like so much fun.