Monday, February 4, 2008

Congrats winners!

I am right in the middle of finishing proofing 2 sessions, so no time for a lengthy post today (I heard that sigh of relief) but I wanted to get on and say congrats to "F" (#14) for winning the 2nd Valentines contest! His mom can pick any of the proofs of him, his twin brother "C" or the two of them together from their mini session for her free canvas. Just email me. Also, little "S" (#12) is our runner up, so her mom gets a free set of wallets! Be back soon. Maybe later today!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Courtney !!! What a great prize for winning :)

F & C's Mommy

Lauren W said...

Hey Court!! I just found your blog. Your photos are gorgeous. I wish we lived closer together. I will be needing a photo session soon.