Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is my 100th blog post! Yeah! It's like when you are in first grade and you celebrate 100th day and everyone brings in 100 somethings to show and share. So, I thought and thought. I guess I could have shared my 100 favorite pictures, but that would have taken a while to compile, load and let's be honest....who would have looked at all of those?
So, I needed something fun but a little less time consuming. A contest? Of course. Who doesn't love free stuff. I am going to post three questions. Each of the answers can be found on my website or blog. The FIRST person to answer each question correctly will win the prize for that question. Also, you can only win one thing, so it may be beneficial to only answer the question that correlates to the prize you would like. If you don't win it, you could try another one. All answers must be left in the form of comments (click on the comment link on the bottom of this entry). Make sure to leave your name. Anonymous entries will not be eligible for the prize.
Question 1: What state did I grow up in?
Prize 1: a $50 print credit toward your next session with me.
Question 2: What is the most preferable time to take newborn pictures?
Prize 2: 50 free christmas cards.
*must be used this year
*must already have a session booked or have had a session recently you'd like to use an image from. I cannot take the picture specifically for the free cards.
*flat style cards only. Does not apply to folded designs.
Question 3: What is the name of my fish? (Yep, it's tough, but the answer is somewhere on my blog.) Hint: You will have to look back into archived posts.
Prize 3: A free session ($100 value) with me sometime in early 2008.
*session fee only will be waived, prints are not included.



Anonymous said...

# 2
First 2 weeks of life! I know because I MISSED this!

Courtney said...

That's right Michele! I'll email you with details about your Christmas cards!

Lori Kwilecki said...

Oh man, I knew question #1 too!
Oh well, question #2- Colorado!

lori kwilecki said...

I left my comment, but I'm not sure it worked... my answer to question number 2 is Colorado.

Courtney said...

OK, Lori I think you are answering question 1. But you got it right. So add the $50 print credit to the order you're getting ready. Congrats.

rebecca gaier said...

you fish's name is Linderman!!!
Rebecca Gaier

Courtney said...

Yes Rebecca! Free session for you. Maternity? Newborn? Whatever you would like. Just remind me when we book!

Jackie Petersen said...

Question 1:


Courtney said...

Hey Jackie-
I already had an answer for all the questions, but you were close. I did go to college n TN, but grew up in Colorado.