Monday, October 1, 2007

What a week.

Why is it that vacation always seems so nice, but once you get home, you have to do double the work to catch up? I had a very busy week planned this week. Playdates, swim lessons, my brother will be in town. Not to mention that I have 2-3 sessions still to proof and get up in galleries. Well, the week started out with a bang. G woke up this morning and promptly puked all over me. So, instead of catching up, the unpacked bags are still in the living room and I have been doing laundry and mopping up vomit all morning. He just wants to be held, poor guy. Kowing that I wouldn't have time to finish the one session I NEED to get done (It will be up soon, L) I looked at some of the Disney pics while G has been napping. I even got in a few of them by relinquishing control of the camera to my husband for a few milliseconds! I know my friend Janice is checking in, so here's a few (or a lot) for her.

Animal Kingdom


And After the second day I sort of let the picture taking slide and just had fun with G. But here's a couple more.

I think this was G's favorite moment! Driving a racecar!!!


Janice said...

Great shots Courtney (as usual!), I just LOVE the umbrella one! And of course seeing "G"'s cute face (and yours!) is always a bonus. :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I love Disney but my Disney pics never looked as cool as yours! I love the one with 'G' and the Giraffe! Hope he's feeling better.